The King is dead! Long live the King. That’s what the last election felt like. But doesn’t it feel as if we’ve loaded ourselves onto a rudderless ship (no pun intended!)?

I don’t know about you but I cannot think of one useful thing Turnbull has done during his year in office? We’re no socialists at Semper, in fact we belong to the Cynics Party but after taking his foot out of his mouth on the issue of changes to GST, Turnbull rapidly put the other one back with changes to Medicare and then began a foot-swapping exercise with Superannuation and Negative Gearing. Then he used a Double Dissolution opportunity to take us to the polls where we showed him (and the rest in Canberra) what we really thought of them by removing all advantage. Whoever said, “Office without power is futile” was absolutely right. And so Turnbull, through arrogance, eroded his party’s influence in both Houses! Never in the field of Australian politics, has such arrogance been shown to so many, by so few!

It gets better: our fearless ex-leader Tony Abbott has been espousing the need for “a budget” to prepare for “a proper debate” on the plebiscite for same sex marriage! A budget for a debate, prior to a Plebiscite? Does he not know what a plebiscite is? It is the obtaining of an opinion from the people to give direction to Parliament. At least that’s what it’s meant to be but in this particular case it is just a cry for help from our esteemed leader to give him the mandate to do what he always wanted to do… before he sold his political soul to the Conservative devil.

So let’s decode Abbott’s condescension: what he really means is that his non-tax paying church wants taxpayers’ money to fund a propaganda campaign espousing the same anti-gay rhetoric as that of the Conservatives to whom Turnbull sold his soul. Abbot is a shrewd politician; he just doesn’t want marriage equality but he knows voters will inevitably support it so he is hopeful of obfuscation or extending the debate to delay the inevitable (meanwhile acting as a blatant thorn in the side of his Nemesis). And then there’s Bill Shorten, whose Party is intent on blocking the plebiscite because it wants to be the one seen as the winner on the issue by manipulating a conscience vote or some such on the very same issue. The objects of Shorten and Turnbull are the same but the issue has become some sort of political proxy battle between two parties that have no real majority in either House. Meanwhile the very people this legislation is supposed to help are left scratching their heads.

So the best way to sum up Parliament today is that someone somewhere in Canberra is trying to do something while someone else in Canberra is doing something else to prevent it. Meanwhile nothing gets done!

“Ho Hum” said Pooh!