About Us

Semper Capital and its team have been assisting businesses across Australia since 2002. We understand that there are many circumstances in the life of a business where the urgent need for finance can occur. We are here to work with you and appreciate that it may require looking ‘outside the square’.

Whatever the challenge – let us find the solution.

What can you expect from us?

  • We keep it simple – lowering the administrative burden for you.
  • We take a holistic (big picture) approach to you and your financial needs.
  • Work with other professionals (accountants, brokers, bankers, administrators, lawyers etc) to get the job done!
  • Offer efficient loan processing, communication and ongoing support. Ask our clients, they keep coming back!

Peace of Mind

Semper is a leading specialist in the non-bank property finance sector. We offer the most competitive rates for risk in the market. Semper Capital has its own balance sheet and is a risk manager for Finance Companies, Superannuation Funds and Family Offices. By loan volumes Semper is one of the largest lenders in the non-bank short term lending space.

Semper is a member of the CapMX Platform and does not suffer capital short-falls or cost of capital overhangs normally associated with the private finance sector.

Clients and introducers can expect a consistent supply of capital and consistent rates of delivery. Our underwriters are ex-bank executives with more than 50 years experience in structured finance so you can expect a rapid appraisal of any credit inquiry and a quick indication as to whether or not the deal is right for us.

But be aware that we apply a forensic ‘whole-of-risk’ approach to credit analysis. We are not ‘asset lenders’ in the true sense because we require absolute proof of serviceability or proof of exit.