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What security do I need?

You need to own real property. We can provide first or second mortgages up to a maximum LVR of 80%.

Can I use more than one property to secure my loan?

Yes. As long as the security provided meets out equity coverage requirements.

What information do you require to settle on a loan?

We need to prove your identity, confirm the use of funds, be satisfied of the value of the security assets and prove the exit or capacity to service.

Can I capitalise interest and fees into my loan?

Yes, provided the loan does not exceed the maximum LVR for the loan.

What is the minimum term I can borrow for?

The minimum term for a bridging finance loan is 1 month.

What is the maximum term I can have the loan for?

This very much depends on the method or repayment particularly for a bridging loan. The maximum term for a non-bridging loan is 36 months with annual reviews.

Do I have to pay fees up front?

We do not charge establishment or admin fees unless a loan is provided, except in the very rare cases where a loan does not proceed after due diligence is concluded.

Are there any penalties if I repay early?

If the loan payment method is prepaid simple interest you may derive no financial benefit by repaying early but if your loan payment method is compound interest or interest paid monthly you will not suffer any financial penalty by repaying early.

What can cause a delay in my loan settling?

Inaccuracy of information or failing to provide the necessary documentation is the most frequent cause of delay in settlement.

Will I need a valuation on the property/s provided as security?

We usually require a valuation except for our Caveat Lite Loans and only then if we can accurately determine the value of the security asset.

Why does Semper Capital require an exit strategy for bridging finance?

Bridging finance is provided for a known period and repaid from a verifiable source of funds.

How long will it take for Semper Capital to approve my loan?

If a valuation is required, we will be ready before it is concluded. If no valuation is required, we can be ready in 3 working days.

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending on the type of loan and the work required. But these will always be set out concisely in our offer letter.

How do I apply?
Go to our Application Form and complete an application.

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