The greatest value of a finance broker is the ability to provide certainty. Their services appeal most to those who either don’t know where to get the best deal or who have fewer finance options; the speed with which certainty is provided matters to the borrower for obvious reasons, and to the broker in securing a client. When it comes to achieving rapid closure for challenging clients it helps to have at your disposal a resource that can provide speedy support, at competitive rates.

As a private lender, Semper Capital’s role is to fulfill the needs of those that do not fit traditional lenders. More often than not, this is motivated by time pressure and therefore, we have to be able to act quickly.

The process of responding quickly can be hampered by a mismatch in information needs. Perhaps this is because finance brokers treat all lenders the same way they might a bank, providing as much information as possible, as early as possible. However, this is not the best approach when dealing with a private lender who receives multiple applications every day and who may miss an opportunity or fail to recognise it when swamped with paperwork that needs wading through to extract key information.

To get the best response from a private lender, finance brokers should break down the process into three phases:

  1. Obtaining an quick yes or no
  2. Securing an offer of finance
  3. Getting documents signed for drawdown

To get a Yes or No

In the first instance, you need to very succinctly explain the following:
Brokers Table

From this you should expect to get an immediate response, which will allow you to secure the client and obtain a mandate fee.  For further details, call us today 1800 SEMPER (736 737)