To obtain a letter of finance requires a bit more information, especially if you want a meaningful, legal document to satisfy the needs of your client:

Finance table

From this information, it is possible to produce a legal document offering structured finance. In our case, 98% of offers proceed to loans so it is worth getting this part right. It certainly speeds up the path to settlement.

Preparing To Settle

Once the offer for finance is accepted, usually by signing the offer document, you should then provide the private lender with the proof documents requested. Ours are provided as a list, which is produced automatically once the application is entered into the system to produce an offer.

Once an offer is accepted, we automatically produce legal documents, which are sent by email to your client’s lawyer of choice.  Valuations are also ordered and must be paid for in advance. At this stage, the finance broker should collate and provide via email, copies of all the requested documents. The speed with which this is done will determine how quickly the loan settles.


This three-stage process does not slow things down but rather speeds things up. All three can occur on the same day, particularly where no valuations are required. If finance brokers keep to this discipline, they will develop for themselves a very useful source of finance that will help retain a client through providing immediate certainty. Remember, as a private lender we want you to take the to a bank or second tier lender, as soon as possible, when circumstances suit. Therefore, in this case, your earning capacity is doubled.