The team at Semper take a bespoke approach to loan structuring. After all, no two scenarios or customers are ever the same. We will always tailor a solution to fit your needs. See our broad range of options listed below.
tick-yellow3-36 months (with annual reviews)
tick-yellow$100,000 – $5,000,000
tick-yellow1sts from 7.99% per annum
tick-yellow2nds / caveats from 11.99% per annum
tick-yellowLVRs – 70% residential, 65% Commercial / Industrial, 55% land
tick-yellowDrawdown in 3 business days
tick-yellowCommissions 1-2% without Mandate, higher with Mandate, paid at drawdown


Fees and interest charges can be capitalized, pre-paid or paid monthly in advance. Let us know what suits you?
tick-yellowApp Fee $500 <$1,000,000, $1,650 > $1,000,000
tick-yellowAdmin Fee 1-2%
tick-yellowLegal Fees $1,650 plus disbursements (single property security)

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