Why Semper?

Reputation is key when choosing a non-bank lender. Semper Capital is a long-time advocate for licensing and regulations in the non-bank lending space. Semper was the driving energy behind the establishment of the Mortgage & Bridging Finance Association (MBFA) under the AFC and provided its first Chairman. In this role it was instrumental in promoting responsible lending protocols and in negotiating regulatory changes in the non-bank lending space.

What makes us different to a bank?


  • We move fast and can arrange draw-down within days


  • Clients are provided access to a decision-maker at every stage of the application process


  • We offer flexible payment terms so you can defer, prepay or service interest monthly
  • We are able to take an asset-lending view against a valuation and not just the purchase price
  • We can build serviceability into the loan contract
  • We will help with or tolerate company tax debt
  • We will lend to a company going through an external administration process


  • Our team has over 50 years lending experience


  • We stay in touch – in fact – a large percentage of borrowers are repeat clients

If you need a rapid solution don’t wait. Call us immediately, or complete the online application form and we will provide an immediate answer.

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